Wearable Art by Tamara Comolli


 “Women want to express their personality not only with their clothing, but also with their choice of jewelry.”

Tamara Comolli understands. She understands the sensuality of stones, the individuality of her clientele, and the necessity of brightly colored glamour in everyday life. Her rise into the world of luxury jewels can only be described as fate. From her childhood among European elite to her days at the University of Munich where she majored in business administration and advertising, she developed a taste for elegance, a head for business, and an eye for beauty. Simply stated, Comolli was born a jeweler, her life path predetermined, and her collection is proof of this passion.

A first glance at the collections of German-born Comolli is awe-inspiring. Her pieces are intricately innovative and joyfully colorful. Various gemstones emphasize creative color combinations, and each unique collection reflects a style, story, and purpose. Which is how Comolli intended it to be. In 1992, she launched the Tamara Comolli Fine Jewelry Collection as an artist with a vision of her own company and brand. One of the original collections, “Curriculum Vitae,” features rings, cuffs, and bangles in 18-karat gold that are composed of playful, multicolored sliding gemstones. The CV collection became an immediate bestseller, launching the designs to historic proportions. This success was largely due to Tamara’s desire to satisfy her clients by working to choose personal stone colors and create memorable combinations for them.

“My jewelry should be worn every day-while shopping, meeting friends, dining, or attending events, explains Comolli. “Women want to express their personality not only with their clothing, but also with their choice of jewelry.” As with most natural talents, she portrays a true love for her craft, which is reflected in each and every design. The resulting product is not so much a piece of jewelry, but that of wearable art.

The love of what she does shines through in every collection. What once started off as a hobby-modernizing family heirlooms, visiting gemstone mines, collecting favorite stones-has transformed into a worldwide brand name, catering to an international community of chic individuals across Europe, the United States, and Asia. Her collections always impress, as she introduces new pieces while remaining true to her original concept: continuity in design, expressed through stylish, constantly evolving “Color Stories.”

Tamara Comolli’s jewels are grouped into collections with playful, interesting names that sprang from equally interesting inspiration. The wildly popular “Roulette” bracelet, which features a revolving, bezel-set “chip,” is an homage to her father, who managed casinos in France, Spain, and Gibraltar. The aptly named “High Roller,” a more lavish version, is adorned with five diamond pavé chips. The “Grapes” collection refers to soft, feminine clusters of pastel Chinese freshwater or Tahitian pearls that drape around the neck or wrist. “Symphony of Pearls,” Comolli’s latest pearl collection, features hand-selected South Sea, Indonesian, or Tahitian pearls that create a balance between classic refinement and youthful exuberance. And the instantly recognizable “Mikado” collections feature her distinctive “bullet-cut” gemstones in stackable rings and versatile necklaces and bracelets with interchangeable pendants.

And while Comolli seems to have dedicated herself to the world of colored gemstones, she still manages to innovate and keep her company cutting-edge. New additions to the collection include: diamond-pavé “Cocktail” rings in 18-karat yellow, white, or rose gold, for day-to-evening wear; fresh, fashionable long chains to accentuate the “Roulette” and “Mikado” pendants; and the just-launched Tamara Comolli Watch Collection, featuring up-to-date men and women’s 43mm cases in white, black, or signature blue ceramic. And always, for those with a taste for the finer things in life, there are Comolli’s “Collectibles”-such as the one-of-a-kind “Flower” rings, composed of exotic, multicolored sapphires; and “Temple” rings, showcasing rare stones such as a stunning 50-carat aquamarine surrounded by 4 carats of F/vs princess-cut diamonds.

It is the sheer love of what she does that has pushed Tamara Comolli into the forefront of the luxury jewelry market. In addition to her jewelry, she loves the qualities that it brings out in the women who wear it-cool confidence and a beautiful distinctiveness.

“My jewelry underscores the individuality of a woman and allows the jewelry to speak with the individual; not for her,” believes Comolli. And with the brand’s rapid expansion, it looks as if the jewels and the individual are the perfect pair.