Isla Moda: The Real Fashion Island

It goes without saying that, for pure “Wow” factor, there is no destination in the world quite like Dubai, the resort getaway for the world’s wealthiest wheel-and-dealers.  And, as Dubai continues to grow and flourish thanks to increased investment and spectacular amenities, more great additions are popping up faster than we at the Haute Blog can count.

One such example is Isla Moda, an island that is part of the ambitious “The World” archipelago project, making this the world’s first fashion island. With a fashion hotel, themed residential villas, and prominent boutiques, Isla Moda will bring an amalgamation of the world’s most discerning tastes together for what essentially amounts to the world’s fashion center.

The Hotel Moda, with its 250 rooms, and various other additions would cost several million dollars (reports say $80 million, though Samira Abdulrazzak, the CEO of Dubai Infinity Holdings, predicts the figure will fall in the $30 million-$50 million range), but it would be entirely worth it – a city of fashion.

No date for completion has been set, but there certainly isn’t anyone stopping them.

Via Born Rich