Bugatti “Project Lydia” car to cost $3 million

When Haute Living spoke with local real estate mega-developed Todd Michael Glaser last month regarding the luxury home market, he used a simple analogy. As the ultra-wealthy look to separate themselves from the pack, they are in need of the most expensive, rare, and unique amenities and products available. The two most obvious examples, Glaser told us, were homes … and cars.

Now that we’ve seen production cars near $1 million, and limited-edition cars go for more than $2 million, it’s time for the next step: the $3 million car.

Leave it to Bugatti, which is looking to trump its own magnificent Veyron with “Project Lydia” (so named after Ettore Bugatti’s wife), a supercar among supercars if there ever was one.  This project, though originally marked for completion next year, is on hold at the moment, but for $3 million, expect a W16 (two V8 engines) that can produce something in the neighborhood of 250 mph and 0-60 speeds of well under three seconds.

Via Born Rich