Sharon Stone’s Success with Miami Crowd at Make-a-Wish Foundation’s Ball


It’s nothing new that the uncultured, so-called “elite” of Miami doesn’t like to pull out their wallets for anything else than bottle service at Set, lavish condos on the beach and boats. But Sharon Stone was able to break that tradition with her charm, beauty and skills in maneuvering the crowd at the Make-A-Wish gala at the Hotel Inter-Continental.

Last night Stone proved that the Miami “elite” is not that cheap. Following her convincing speech about her personal involvement working with sick children as an AmFar crusader, the Ball raised three times more than it did last year. Two Ferraris sold for $240,000 each and Lawyer Jim Ferraro copped Stone’s Rolls Royce for $160,000.

The InterContinental Make-A-Wish Ball amassed a total of $1.5 million this year-thanks to Stone’s persuasive appearance and the Miami “elite” proving they’re more than what we expect!

Via Miami Herald