Turnkey Yachting with SeaNet


 SeaNet offers busy VIPs the opportunity to spend the time they carve out of their busy schedules enjoying the yachting experience on an elite ride.

Yacht owners are a lucky bunch. Or are they? There’s another side to owning a yacht that isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Running to the grocery store, uncovering the boat, lugging the extras on to it, checking all the systems and engine to make sure they are good to go. Not to mention once the guests finally arrive, owners spend the day behind the helm while everyone else truly enjoys their trip. Upon returning to the shore, guests run off, leaving owners behind with the mess. As the saying goes, “It’s better to have a friend with a boat than a boat yourself.” And after all the time constraints that plague the typical owner, from business meetings to extracurricular obligations, even the most devout boater can only carve a few days out of the month to spend on the open seas. In any typical marina around the country, most of the boats sit idle ninety percent of the time.

Out to change this entire experience and make sure that yachting is truly enjoyed is SeaNet. The company is transforming the way people “own” yachts by facilitating the purchase of a lavish Sunseeker Yacht for a price that fits the needs of the client. The revolutionary idea is similar to programs that have been popularized by private jet companies-SeaNet customers actually possess shares of a LLC whose only asset is a Sunseeker Yacht.

In essence, SeaNet completely eliminates the hassles of owning a boat, as they provide an excellent crew alongside a concierge that will arrange private transportation for owners to and from the boat and organize travel reservations at remote locations. “When you show up, the boat’s ready to go,” says Michael Costa, president of SeaNet. “You go out and have a great time and when you’re done you just step off without a worry. SeaNet owners end up using the boat much more than they typically would than if they owned the boat outright.”

The company was founded four years ago by Costa, who saw a need for a program that would allow people to enjoy the full potential of the yachting experience. “Most people would love the idea of owning a yacht, but can’t realistically justify the expenses for the amount of time that they have available to enjoy it,” he says. “The reality for most prospective boat owners is that there is only a limited amount of time they can enjoy yachting and SeaNet provides them with just this amount of time and eliminates all other typical hassles with a fully managed first class service that provides the full yachting experience.”

A completely turnkey experience, SeaNet’s five-star program includes a captain, crew, maintenance staff, cleaning service, provisioning, and insurance for an expanding fleet of magnificent Sunseeker yachts that range from 50 to more than 100 feet, each offering high-end hand craftsmanship, new technology, and a luxurious performance-oriented experience. Upon notification from the owner, SeaNet sets up the yacht with the owner’s personal affects-everything from their linens and music to their food and beverages. Upon arrival at the yacht, owners are free to enjoy all the pleasures of yacht ownership in exciting locations. Once returned to port, they don’t have to think about another thing until they want to use the boat again.

The yachts are currently located in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Diego, and Miami, with current expansion plans that include the Northeast, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mediterranean. Exchange elements are available for owners to swap time on their boat for another in the SeaNet fleet, options that will grow as the expansion projects are realized.

SeaNet offers busy VIPs the opportunity to spend the time they carve out of their busy schedules enjoying the yachting experience on an elite ride. If the great amounts of time and responsibilities that come with owning a yacht aren’t an option or a desire, SeaNet provides a way to guarantee nothing but a pleasurable yachting experience.

SeaNet Company, Inc.