Northern Lights: Montreal’s 333 Sherbrooke

Montreal’s newest real estate edition-333 Sherbrooke- is a prime example of how to live in the city.

By Marcos Colón


Haute Living is all about the luxury lifestyle. Fittingly, we continuously scour the globe for places that our savvy readers would be proud to call home. This month, we turn our real estate spotlight north and explore the cultural capital of Canada: Montreal.

 Being the most extravagantly fitted and offering the best views, 333 Sherbrooke’s penthouses offer a new kind of experience that should be felt by all.

333 Sherbrooke is officially the newest residence for anyone looking for luxury condominiums, town homes, and penthouses in the northern city. This innovative residence is more than just an address; it’s symbolic of the kind of lifestyle that any individual with first-class living taste deserves. The extraordinary residential community boasts the finest integration of architecture, design, and amenities for an enviable lifestyle in a historical neighborhood.

And the address is indeed a prestigious one. The building’s location, between St. Laurent and St. Denis Streets, is ideal-the entire city’s best entertainment, ranging from upscale boutiques to exciting clubs, is located mere minutes away. 333 Sherbrooke is an exclusive invite to live an authentic metropolitan experience in Montreal’s most popular neighborhood and along the city’s most renowned boulevard. All of the finest that the city has to offer is only a walk or a short drive away.

Internationally known designer Andres Escobar and the Huma Design team, along with the award-winning architectural firm of Cardinal-Hardy, can take credit for the remarkable example of contemporary architecture that includes unexpected modernizations such as a spectacular hanging pool on the 10th floor between the two towers, and a large roof terrace featuring a breathtaking view of the city. “We want to reinterpret the new modern, using marble, granite, and exotic woods for a timeless style that respects the area’s history,” Escobar says. A tremendous courtyard that offers perfectly landscaped grounds provide a touching environment, located only a step outside the doors.

When it comes to the exterior, architect Aurèle Cardinal says that a new method was used in order to combine the old with the new. “We’ve used classic elements such as St. Marc stone-the stone used on many prominent Montreal and Old Montreal buildings-with contemporary materials for the façade to reflect a sense of classic and modern style,” he says.

The interior also portrays this assemblage of old and new. The 113 luxury condominium suites in Phase I and the 103 suites in Phase II at 333 Sherbrooke replicate a new level of modern, where classic materials are imaginatively combined to create an inviting fashionable atmosphere of sophistication. The maximized light exposure in each unit compliments stunning views of the mountain or the city. Condos also offer open-plan interiors that give residents flexible design and finishing options, such as gourmet kitchens, high ceilings, and high-tech security features.

333 Sherbrooke offers three décor packages: silver, gold, or platinum. The silver option offers hardwood floors, porcelain ceramic tiles, granite counters and backsplashes, and lacquered kitchen cabinets. The gold options include a superior storage system, built-in lighting fixtures, granite or quartz counters, and glass mosaic or painted glass backsplash. However, the ultimate option in décor is the platinum, which offers exclusive designer wood floors, and heated floors and a plasma TV in the master bathrooms.

Being the most extravagantly fitted and offering the best views, 333 Sherbrooke’s penthouses offer a new kind of experience that should be felt by all. Much like the townhomes, these also offer arrangements of one to three bedrooms but have an edge when it comes to the spectacular view that they offer and the ultimate option in décor.

When all the characteristics of this lush living experience are added together-location, design, comfort, exclusiveness-there’s no better way to have an ideal urban living experience than to claim an address at 333 Sherbrooke.