Discovering Dubai


60 Minutes has put out a video on Dubai that showcases the amazing city, and details what is expected from the Emirate. Thanks to the vision of Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Dubai has turned into the Singapore of the Middle East. In just a few decades the Prime Minister and Ruler has turned the Emirate’s main city from a spit of sand the size of Rhode Island into a political and economic success story. Dubai is a place so rich and so ambitious that it’s changing the geography of the world. It is a business hub, a transportation center, and a tourist destination.

Strategically located between the financial capitals of London and Singapore, Dubai is also close enough to tap into the emerging markets of South Asia, all characteristics that add to its economic success. Because of the immense opportunity that presents itself, a large majority of the population are foreigners that are coming at a rate of 25,000 per month. Called the largest construction site on earth, the city has half of a million laborers working on $300 billion worth in projects. Among those is the largest shopping center in the world that is at the base of what will become the world’s tallest building. “I want to be number one,” Sheikh Maktoum says. “Not in the region but in the world.”

Via CondoDomain