Villas = A New Luxury Trend

Summer may have come to an end, but it certainly doesn’t mean that quintessential travels and getaways have now become a guilty pleasure.

To tempt your “guilty pleasures” we found the world’s top ten villas, similar to some of the world’s top ten rentals we highlighted a few days ago, this stellar list cements the idea that our usual 5-star hotels are more of a commodity than a luxury compared to villas.

A villa provides the perfect intimacy, and in turn romance, that is so rare to find nowadays. Furthermore a villa eases your integration into the foreign culture and country, by providing more of a locale experience than a tourist one.

Additionally the villa’s extra square-footage allows space to accommodate family and friends.

Exotic Villa locations are as ubiquitous as 5-star hotels in NYC.

You can choose your pick from:

-The Meikloeur Castle in Perthsire, Scotland for $37,200 per week.

-To Villa Chianti Classico in Florence, Italy that rents for $10,685-$18,640 weekly depending on season.

-A six-bedroom, Indian Song in St. Barts that goes for $33,100 a week.

-Or a French Caribbean jewel, L’Oasis in St. Martin for $4,572-$5,715 weekly.

-For a Mexican getaway there’s Casa La Cruz at El Tamarindo Club, Costa de Careyes, Mexico which rents for $3,500-$5,000 per night depending on season.

-And Villa Xpu Ha, on the coast of Riviera Maya for $10,000 to $12,000 per night.

These are just a preview among other wondrous Villas this world has to offer, so go ahead and start indulging!

Via Forbes Traveler