Quintessential Travels with Exclusive Charter Services

By air or by sea, Exclusive Charter Services provides a level of service typically only worthy of card-carrying VIP customers at a price that won’t take advantage of its customer’s capital

By Kristelle Devieux


 ECS offers both jets and yachting accommodations, a perfect combination that’s practically unheard of in the private chartering market.

Many of you may be enjoying this edition of Haute Living while crossing the Atlantic, comfortably sitting in a private plane that will promptly take you to your business meeting or leisure activity. As many of our readers satisfy their travel needs through charter services, Haute Living has to ask: are you absolutely sure that you’re getting the best in prices, accommodations, and safety for the money you’re paying?

In order to help answer that question, we scoured the market to find the most unique charter service with the best offerings, and have found the ideal solution for your private travel needs: Exclusive Charter Service Inc (ECS), a chartering company whose mere existence is to provide each of their customers the utmost level of satisfaction at no extra ‘premium’ costs.

ECS offers both jets and yachting accommodations, a perfect combination that’s practically unheard of in the private chartering market. In this capacity, ECS is a one-stop-shop whether you’re in the mood to sail through the tropical waters of the Caribbean aboard a luxury Catamaran, charter a megayacht in St. Tropez, or book a direct flight from New York to Dubai.

The team at ECS is made up of licensed captains and pilots with up to 30 years of experience. ECS boasts the expertise needed to provide the best options based on safety, needs and purpose of travel. ECS is run with a traditional business motto. “We believe in the old school business mentality, you don’t pay until you’ve been served,” explains Jason Johnson, owning partner of ECS Inc. Some of the larger jet charter companies make a tremendous income on the so-called ‘premium’ fees, which charge for services such as 24/7 availability, a wide choice of aircrafts, and the highest standards of safety, security, and personal service. These aspects usually fall under the industry term ‘exclusive premiums’. Those premiums, only offered to card members, sound like a great VIP treatment, but ECS rightfully believes that such services should naturally be part of the charter program. ECS believes such card services are essentially a breach of loyalty. ECS offers the same services, at an even higher standard, with no extra costs.

So when owning partner Adam Klein says, “At ECS our worst option is always better, economically, than any other company’s best option,” we understand what he means.

While the services and VIP-treatment are huge selling points, so is the environment at the company. ECS is the embodiment of a close-knit family. Dealing with them feels like walking into a traditional family-owned Italian restaurant in Little Italy, where the owners themselves make sure that the service provided is exceeding the customer’s expectations on every level. The owners are available for consultations each and every customer, once again ensuring a level of service that is above that of their competitors. With offices in Europe and the United States, and a pledge to answer each request within five minutes, it seems as if ECS is on the path to become industry leaders.

As owning partner Michael Lidowitz explains: “A problem for us is a challenge, you give us any challenge, we overcome it!”  Just one month after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, ECS did everything to accommodate a flight for sick dolphins and their veterinarians from Mobile to Nassau so they could be get the care they needed. It is this level of care and concern ECS provides for each customer.

Whether your chartering needs have you traveling by air or by sea, ECS is ensuring that they are not only the right option; they are the only option.