Like Father, Like Son: Joey Goldman

Haute Living talks to the future of Miami’s real estate. Just like Donald Trump, these five moguls are taking their family’s real estate empire to the next level


 I believe it is important to have a balance between your personal life and business life. I believe you should take time for both aspects, enjoy both your work and family, but have the ability to separate the two.

Joey Goldman
Goldman Properties
The Visionary

HL As a college freshman, where did you think your career path would take you?
JG As a college freshman, I knew what I wanted to do specifically: I wanted to be in Miami Beach and get involved in my family’s business. So it was an incredible time to watch and be involved in the revitalization of New York’s SOHO in 1985. I saw how a neighborhood can evolve over time. It was a great experience. As a college freshman, I basically lasted one semester and decided to move to South Beach and have been working with my family now for the past 15 years.

HL What attracted you to become involved in Real Estate?
JG I grew up in the business and knew this was what I wanted to do. From a young age I was involved in real estate and restaurants.

HL What position do you currently hold at your firm?
JG For Goldman Properties, I am a partner, and I’m also President of Goldman Real Estate.

HL What does that position entail?
JG Acquisition, development, strategy brokerage. I’m also the Chief Technology Officer for the company, in charge of making sure all the technology within our offices is sufficient. I also execute all the design aspects for our Websites and Web-based accounts.

HL What is it like working with your father?
JG Both challenging and rewarding. I couldn’t wish for a better partner-he is the best partner I have ever wanted in business. Plus, he is a friend and father. I feel lucky that he and I agree to stick together. We are very fortunate to have the relationship we have with each other.

HL What is your most memorable deal?
JG Honestly, it is a deal that I am in the middle of right now. I have an issue with a building I went to contract on, and then the other party decided not to sell. We are going to court over the situation in the near future. I have many bigger deals, but this one has been an educational process, and I hope to succeed in it.

HL How has your father’s work ethic influenced your own?
JG I have never seen a harder-working or more determined person. I think that has been a great influence on both our company and me. His words of wisdom that I have incorporated into my lifestyle are “believe what you do and not what you say.”

HL What could your father learn from you at this point in time?
JG I believe it is important to have a balance between your personal life and business life. I believe you should take time for both aspects, enjoy both your work and family, but have the ability to separate the two.

HL What are you forecasting for Miami’s real estate market over the next 24 months?
JG I think that over the next 24 months more condos are going to be built and finished. Different areas are growing and becoming popular. There are going to be more developments completed, more restaurants. Especially, Wynwood is going to become a pedestrian neighborhood. The area is industrial, so the streets are triple width. This allows for the widening of sidewalks such as Ocean Drive, and helps transform the area for future growth.
We have assembled a critical mass of property in the Wynwood warehouse district, which will become a destination similar to projects we have done in Soho and South Beach. We are designing new architecture, restaurants, and shops which will bring a more human scale to the area. I believe Wynwood will be one of the hottest areas in Miami, especially because of Art Basil, which will launch their major US event in the area.
I think Miami will continue its transformation into an urban city with neighborhoods where there are many developments going up.

HL Where do you see yourself and your company in 10 years?
JG Our family have offices in five cities. I would say that in ten years we might be doing more developments and acquisitions at a much larger capacity than we are at present. I see myself continuing to work in acquisitions and development of real estate, and continuing to be involved in the family business, and possibly opening five more offices throughout the United States. I will be doing real estate activities and establishing my own brokerage business and continuing to be involved in neighborhood revitalization, and, as always, looking into things long-term.