Briny Breezes Development is Nonexistent

In building a town development, Briny Breezes, the $510 million luxury take on oceanfront mobile homes development, is a good lesson on what not to do. As the entire deal fell through this past Monday, Many inconsistent and superfluous arrangements are to be blamed: For starters, no one really understood how a $510 million development could get started on a mere $500,000 deposit. Subsequently, the team at Ocean Land Investments was not completely satisfied with the foreseeable profit of the development, and wanted more; than Ocean Land requested the Briny Breezes’ board to push back the Friday deadline ‘til Sept 28th, which was refused and accordingly decided to call off the contract to buy 43-acre of Briny Breezes. The cancellation of the deal has left many briny residents discontent deal would have profited them millions.

Via Palm Beach Post