Top 10 Architects of Great Britain on the Market

If you’re eyeing the British market for your next residential purchase, look no further. Here’s a round off of 10 residences currently on the market, designed by Great Britain’s most famous architects…

Sir Christopher Wren was a mathematician and a professor of astronomy before becoming an architect. He made highlights with his monumental works such as the Royal Naval Hospital, St. Paul’s Cathedral along with 55 churches and many palaces. The property: Winslow Hall, Buckinghamshire Excess is not only resplendent as it unique due to the fact that it’s one of Wren’s very few domestic designs. This property allocates 22-acres of gardens, coach house accommodations and seven bedrooms.
Priced at £3 million (about $4.13 M), for more info visit or call 020 7016 3718

Francis Smith of Warwick, The two-times mayor of Warwick was a very meticulous and prosperous architect, who acquired this estate: Chicheley Hall, by the time of his death in 1738.
Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire is considered of such royal proportions that some say it would perfectly suit Prince Charles. The estate has has been greatly cared for and thus maintained its old-fashioned designs. With pinkish brick façade and pilasters, the house boasts the Georgian and Baroque styles. The front doorcase beautifully breaks out into a fan-like pediment, fashioned after a Bernini chapel in the Vatican. There are eight main bedrooms and six secondary ones, 75-acres of gardens, farmland, a coach house, stables and barns. Chicheley, one of Smith’s most celebrated work is priced over £9 million (about $12.4 M) through Savills

Edwin Lutyens was the most successful country-house architect of his generation, he developed the “High Game” of classicism idiom influenced by his native, West Surrey. Built in 1899, this property: Marshcourt in Hampshire, is one of his earlier works. An homage to local materials, the house is made of clunch, a relatively hard chalk, though some say that chalk was used as the result of a bet, Lutyens even created a billiard table of chalk. The house, built to perfection with luxurious finishings, contains expensive columns, plaster ceilings and rich paneling. Grade II listed with more than 10 nanny flats, 47-acres, and sunken pool, priced at £13 million (about $17.9 M) through Knight Frank, visit, or call 020 7861 1440

Sir John Soane is The Master Architect, he reinterpreted neo-with an accent on intricate planning, flattish domes, ingenious lighting and linear decoration. He is perhaps today’s most relevant architect. For the past half century the estate, Piercefield near Chepstow, has been a ruin, but with renovations, the house built on 129-acres of parkland can accomodate eight en-suite bedrooms, coach houses, stable block and cottage. Priced at £2 million (about $2.7 M) through Jackson-Stops & Staff, phone: 020 7664 6646

Robert Adam is one of the most revered Georgian architect of Great Britain. His neo-Classical interiors were light, filled with colors and rihcly gilded. He also designed the furniture and fittings that outfitted his works.
Croome Court in Worcestershire sits on 31.7-acres with has 11 main bedrooms, five secondary ones, and a lavish garden. Priced over £2.75 million (about $3.79 M) though Savills, phone: 020 7016 3718

Sir Reginald Blomfield was one of the most prolific country-house architects of the Edwardian age, and lost his fame by renouncing the 20th century Modern Movement.
Locatred on 84.8-acres, Moundsmere Manor in Hants boasts 15 bedrooms, a swimming pool, tennis court, 84·8 acres and cottages. Priced at £14 million (about $19.2 M) through Savills, 020 7016 3784

John Nash was the Prince Regent’s favorite architect. The property, Sundridge Park is an ultra showy and extravagant house that sist on 272-acres of parkland in Kent very near central London. Sundridge Park, near Bromley, Kent is priced over £8.5 million (about $11.7 M) through Savills at 020 7409 8877

Quinlan Terry is the country’s leading neo-Classicist architect whose work entails exquisitely detailed houses at the higher end of the market. Built in 2002, Juniper Hill is made of Georgian building materials mixed with touch-screen technology. The house contains sic bedrooms plus an integral staff flat, with swimming pools and new fangled kitchens., all in 4.5 aces located in Buckinghamshire priced over £8 million ( about $11 M) through Knight Frank, for more information call 020 7861 1440

William Butterfield was a High Victorian architect who wanted to reinvent Gothic architecture for the modern age. The Old Rectory in St Mawgan, North Cornwall sits on 5.5-acres, made of local stone with big bay windows, it contains six bedrooms with a three-bedroom lodge. Priced at £1·2 million (about $1.65 M) through Savills, 018 7224 3200

An last but not least, Ernest George who was the master architect of late Victorian country-houses. The Mansion House in Rousdon, is outfitted with every amenities one could imagine such as a laundry, bowling alley, rifle range, china stores, bake houses, larders, museum, observatory, tennis courts, farm buildings and cottages to house about 600 estate workers. Built in Old English style with touches of Venice, the Mansion has six bedrooms and is priced at £1.5 million (about $2 M) through Humberts, for more info call 013 0842 5950
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