The Plaza’s Unconventional Buyers

The ever-so-classic and luxurious Plaza Hotel has closed a few sales on their recently-transformed condominiums, and so far they have rounded up an interesting roster of buyers.

The first buyer to close is Giuseppe De’Longhi. The last name should ring a bell as De’Longhi S.p.A, Italian brand of haute designer household goods such as espresso machines, coffee makers, and pasta makers as well as air conditioners, heaters and irons. De’Longhi paid $11.2 million for a three-bedroom apartment on the 15th floor, a unit that goes across the whole building and offers impeccable views of Central Park.

City Records has listed Bernard Spain as the second buyer who closed on a $7 million two-bedroom apartment on the 16th floor. Spain is a Philadelphia businessman who, interestingly enough, made his fortune with the ever-so-famous smiley face icon! Bernard and his brother Murray popularized the yellow-faced icon in the 70s.

So far the Plaza has engrossed two transactions above $50 million that will surely become the records for the most expensive apartments in Manhattan.

The closings at the Plaza and those that follow over the next few quarters are expected to increase the average sale prices in Manhattan. Furthermore, the anticipated sales of 15 Central Park West across the park, will also heat up the market by the end of the year.

With household manufacturers, smiley face creators, and people lashing out $50 million on an apartment, the plaza has surely amassed an interesting group of tenants.
Via New York Times