Racing on Ferrari Time: Marinello House Celebrates 60 Years

As the famed Marinello House celebrates its 60th anniversary, Ferrari partakes in an haute celebration

By Kristelle Devieux Photos Courtesy of Ferrari North America


 The Ferrari Engineered by Officine Panerai Collection of timepieces elegantly translates the aesthetic lines of the Ferrari cars, as well as the fine details of the engine and bodywork.

As the summer rolls down what soon will be memory lane, it seems to hit home that time flies by too quickly. We are in a constant search for ways to make the rare commodity of time last longer!

Ferrari knows the importance of time and history. Located in Marinello, Italy, the Marinello House, a place universally famous as the hometown of Ferrari cars and the racing team of Scuderia Ferrari F1, first opened their doors 60 years ago in 1947.

As is to be expected, Ferrari would never honor the 60th Anniversary of their motherhouse with anything less than an haute celebration. The festivities began in grand style with the release of 60 exclusive Limited Edition Scaglietti 612 Gran Turismo cars, whose sheer speed is sure to help any driver make up time that may have been otherwise lost. Keeping with the theme of time, last year, Ferrari proudly launched the Ferrari Engineered by Officine Panerai Collection, an eloquent collection of watches superbly crafted by the legendary Italian watchmakers, Officine Panerai. To celebrate its collaboration with Ferrari, Officine Panerai is honoring the 60-year landmark with 60 examples of an original exclusive perpetual calendar watch to ensure that the grand celebration will be expressed through their haute horlogerie.

But the highlight of the celebration was marked by an eight month international affair: The Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, a championship racing series for authentic Ferrari, Maserati, and Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo automobiles.

The fine autos deemed worthy enough to compete in this elite racing event are all produced by the Ferrari brand. Some date back to the illustrious company’s beginning, as the race includes cars produced in 1934 and 1939, straight up through vehicles built in 1982. The cars have been divided into categories based on their characteristics: pre-war single seaters, cars with drum brakes (produced in the 50s and 60s), and cars with disc brakes (produced until 1982).

Two race series are taking place, the European series and the North American series. The European edition, which will include a total of four races, began on March 29, and will conclude on September 23. The North American counterpart was launched in California on April 13, and will continue its series of five races through August 19. The grand finale of the event is the Ferrari World Finals race, which will occur from October 26-28 at a yet-to-be-determined locale. Knowing the caliber of Ferrari’s work and event, spectators can expect the unexpected at the World Finals!

Officine Panerai is a proud sponsor of the Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge. Last year’s successful launch of the Ferrari Officine Panerai collection marked the beginning of a glorious partnership between the two Italian firms, which are unified by the same characteristics: strong and everlasting Italian traditions, advanced technologies, excellent quality products obtained through the highest manufacturing capabilities, and inimitable designs.

The Ferrari Engineered by Officine Panerai Collection of timepieces elegantly translates the aesthetic lines of the Ferrari cars, as well as the fine details of the engine and bodywork. The watches also feature the distinctive shapes and designs of Officine Panerai’s masterful timepieces. In this capacity, the watches bear each brand’s appeal.

Ferrari found the perfect way to celebrate their 60 years of the Marinello House by emphasizing time and its fleeting characteristic through the races and watch collection. They both are symbolic of the way time has flown by, and subtly remind us that no matter how fast time flies, we should still find the time to celebrate the past in the present, and to indulge in the best things this world has to offer.