Bonnie Brooks And Ilene Tessler Make A Move

Bonnie and Ilene have been friends since they were 12. Their bond has withstood the test of time, and has led to a strong working relationship, that has roots firmly planted in the Miami Beach soil. The pair has been in business together for 26 years, starting with Wimbish-Riteway, which later turned into Coldwell Banker. The duo recently made a move to the prestigious Turnberry International Realty, headed up by the real estate magnate George Perez. Bonnie and Ilene are opening a boutique office for the company, complete with 12-15 agents. Ilene says, “We have always focused more on single-family home sales, while Turnberry’s focus is apartments and condos. So we bring more dimension to the portfolio, which makes for a win-win situation for both of us… We are so excited about what the future has in store!”