5 Haute Items You Need For A Baller Home Gym

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As warmer weather approach, many of us are scurrying to get a toned, lean summer body. However, if you’re always swamped in work or find yourself having to attend post-work events, actually making it to the gym can be a daunting task. Making matters worse, you’ve grown sick of the hustle and bustle of making it to the gym, sweat-stained walls, and the social ambiance or lack thereof. Have no fear. The fitness connoisseurs at Haute Living have selected five of our favorite workout equipment to get your home gym going.


1 LOFT Dumbbells Set 2-6kg

Aside from a meal packed with protein, another sure way to burn fat and build muscles is strength training. Nothing says strength training like these luxe LOFT dumbbells set. The rack is sculpted out of finely ground oiled solid walnut, with afeglide stainless steel dumbbell shelves.

2 Total Workout System

The half reformer, half Cadillac combination from Peak Pilates, makes for the perfect versatile Pilates equipment. It transitions quickly into multiple exercise modes with the exclusive quick-conversion, ultra glide hinged carriage. In addition, it is durable and features a new eco-friendly bamboo option.


Technogym’s latest revolutionary equipment is the SKILLMILL. The SKILLMILL is the first non-motorized product that is operated and controlled by the force applied exclusively by the user. To speed up, one moves to the front of the surface and to slow down, one moves to the back. It is possible to accelerate quickly from a cold start to an athlete’s pace. An ideal solution for a sustainable facility, SKILLMILL helps reduce electricity costs and carbon footprint.

4 FLEXability Posterior machine

Let’s be quite honest, it is all too easy to forget one of the single most important aspects of working out—stretching. However, to truly improve our ability to move and stay flexible we must stretch. Here’s where the FLEXability Posterior machine comes to play. The posterior machine enables a soft and progressive lengthening of all posterior chain muscles with variations on the level of engagement of the different muscles. Users who spend a considerable amount of time on their feet will benefit greatly from the raised-up legs position.

5 Saunas or Steam Room

Having an in-home sauna can be very rewarding. Clearlight Sanctuary Saunas boast a number of groundbreaking innovations. For example the eco-certified cedar state-of-the-art sauna can be controlled via one’s tablet or smartphone app. The sauna also features a built in charging and audio station. If you would prefer a steam room or both, opt for Guncast. In addition to the company’s luxury swimming pools, Guncast is known for creating bespoke saunas or steam rooms tailored to your property. Guncast offer over 100 different varieties of organically grown woods to choose from. Keep in mind; it is best to use a sauna or a steam room following a workout. Both are great for warming up the muscles to get the most out of your post-workout stretches. Remember to stay hydrated.
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