5 Moisture-Wicking Activewear That Will Keep You Cool and Comfortable

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Staying on track with your New Year Resolution goals requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 45 percent of Americans make New Year resolutions, but only eight percent of Americans are successful in achieving their resolutions. To keep the momentum going, we decided a quick shopping spree is obviously necessary. We sorted through the heaps of luxe workout brands to find you the best brands that offer moisture-wicking technology to keep you comfortable while you kick fat’s butt.

1 ADay

Created for the “busy woman with things to get done,” ADay pieces are crafted with moisture-wick technology and UV protection. The pieces also boast bonded technology, which is when the glue is used to join seams or finish hems instead of sewing. A bonding adhesive is applied to the fabric at a very high temperature. It is stronger than sewn seams and the benefits include no rubbing from bulky seams and lighter weight clothes. As a result of the bonded technology, make sure to wash your ADay items in cold water and tumble dry. More importantly, for my fashion buffs, you can easily go from a meeting to a workout class to happy hour and everything in between in your ADay gear.

2 Alo Yoga

For all the yogis looking for a high-performance brand, look no further. Inspired by life in fashion, Alo Yoga’s gear features innovative fabrics and on-trend styling. Each piece compresses, lift and shape the body, while keeping the muscles warm, enabling the wearer to work out to his or her full potential and remain comfortable while doing so. The fabric are created and tested by a team of technical engineers, who research and develop new fabrics to ensure the brand’s pieces live up to its promise. We tested the Moto Legging, Spring Back Bra and the Extreme Racer Tank. Bonus: the company is eco-friendly. There are charging stations in the parking lot for electric vehicles, solar power is the alternate form of energy and an elevated recycling program reduces the amount of waste produced.

3 Beyond Yoga

Like Alo Yoga, this yoga-inspired brand is more than just yoga. Beyond Yoga’s supplex material is possibly the softest workout gear we have tried. It’s durable, moisture-wicking fabric provides generous stretch and full recovery; retaining color and shape after every wash. Ideal for even the most vigorous workouts. We loved the Cosmic Gazer Bra, Circle Back Capri Legging and the limited edition Mesh Diamond Legging.

4 Lanston Sports

Divvy upped into categories, Lanston Sports offer a number of haute pieces so you can workout and look good. The collections—Naked, Alpine, Sonic, Tri Blend Fleece, Tri Blend Jersey—are separated depending on the technology each offers. We tested the Naked sports bra and the Alpine tights. The Naked collection is a lightweight and soft, created to fit like your second skin. No chemicals are applied to the fabric. More importantly, thanks to the wickable nature, the yarn pulls sweat away from the body and brings it to the surface of the garment where your sweat will be able to air dry within seconds. As for the Alpine collection, it features the ultimate blend of micro nylon and spandex with a touch of fleece. It also boasts quick wicking technology for instant moisture absorption and endless comfort.


VIMMIA has designed VIMMIA X, an elevated new legging collection featuring intelligent yarns that are designed to increase workout performance before, during and after activity. VIMMIA X promotes better skin thermoregulations, which allow muscles to perform more effectively as a result of controlled internal core temperature and comfort in motion through four-way stretch fabrics. The four-way stretch fabric works with your body to boost and prolong your overall workout experience. The moisture-wicking fabric also helps to insulate the body and maintain a constant core temperature during and following activity.
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