DJ Irie Gives off Good Vibrations

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DJ Irie, Photo by Nick Garcia
DJ Irie at Crespi Park –  Photo by Nick Garcia

“Irie” means good, positive, and pleasant, making it a pretty perfect way to describe Ian Grocher—aka, DJ Irie. Thanks to all his positivity, this hard-working DJ has been able to parlay his position as the Miami Heat’s official DJ into so much more. In addition to a marketing company, side projects with top-selling artists, and a heavy rotation of gigs at Miami’s best night spots and events, Grocher has added philanthropy. In 2011 he took it a step further and created the Irie Foundation, which helps at-risk youths stay in school and graduate. He’s pictured here at Crespi Park, which was remodeled into a safe play space through a collaboration between Jet Blue, Irie Foundation, Miami Beach Parks and Recreation, and KaBOOM!

7AM Everyone is surprised I’m a morning person. I don’t need much sleep, and I am very much programmed to get up with the sun.

8AM When I get up, I spring into action and take a run down the Venetian, or jump on my little three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder and go down to CrossFit.

9:30AM I’ll stop and get breakfast on my way back. I like Mimo’s in Sunset Harbour. It’s a little Cuban café that has eggs, toast, and all that good stuff.

10AM I get to the office and sit with everybody individually to see who has got new stuff coming up and how I can help out.

12PM  I’m back home and in the studio. I am usually looking for new music, seeing what has buzz, listening, and aggregating files. Right now, I’m planning Irie Weekend, so I’ll reach out to people I have relationships with and see who has products coming out. Today, I had calls with Missy Elliot, Wyclef Jean, Pitbull, and Ludacris.  Right now I’m working with Flo Rida’s A&R to determine the song order of the album and which singles are strongest.

2PM I’ll go out for meetings and see where I can forge new partnerships. The hardest part is assessing what opportunities you have and how they can be leveraged into a bigger picture—into a bigger opportunity that makes sense—and then [figuring out] the path to get there. It’s not easy.

5PM I go pick up my eight-year-old son and we go swimming, or to the park.

6:30PM When I have a Heat game, I’ll be there by this time. Otherwise, I’m home with my son.

9:30PM If I have a corporate gig, I’ll head over there, but if I have a club event, I take a nap. Never does that start before 1AM, and I did that three times this week.

4AM I might finish a club set around 3:30, but then of course, I have to socialize a bit and have a drink.

5AM I go to bed and get 2 or 3 hours of sleep. If I stay home I’ll have gone to bed by 10pm to catch up!

Irie Weekend Starts June 18th. Click here for schedule. 


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