Shifting Dynamics: Women Surpass Majority in U.S. Law Firm Associates

Photo Credit: Nuttapong Punna/Shutterstock

The most recent data from the National Association for Law Placement reveals a significant milestone as women now constitute the majority of associates in U.S. law firms, marking the first instance of such a demographic shift. In 2023, women accounted for 50.31% of law associates, reflecting notable progress. While strides were also reported at the partnership level, where women comprised 27.76% of all partners—a 1.1% increase from the previous year—there is acknowledgment of the need for continued advancement.

The historical context is significant, as NALP began tracking law firm diversity data in 1991—121 years after the first woman graduated law school—when women represented slightly over 38% of law firm associates. The journey towards equal representation among associates took an additional thirty-two years, totaling 153 years. This emphasizes the gradual nature of change, underscoring its challenges and imperceptible progress.

Moreover, 2023 witnessed the most substantial yearly increase in the percentage of associates of color, with a 1.8 percentage point growth from the previous year, reaching 30.15%. Notably, Black and Latina women each accounted for at least 1% of all law firm partners for the first time in NALP’s data collection history. Despite these strides, women of color collectively constitute less than 5% of total partners.

The report also highlighted the evolving inclusion of gender non-binary lawyers, indicating a growing figure since NALP initiated data collection in 2020. In 2023, law firms reported 79 non-binary lawyers and 27 non-binary summer associates, a notable increase from the previous year. However, the progress signals a step in the right direction, with recognition that there remains substantial work ahead.

The delicate nature of the progress is acknowledged against the backdrop of broader political, legal, and social changes. There is an emphasis on the necessity for courage, resolve, and creativity to navigate the challenges and continue advancing in the face of ongoing complexities.