Chad Piotrowski Dispels Biggest Myths Surrounding Criminal Defense Law

Chad Piotrowski is the founder of Piotrowski Law, a firm that caters to criminal defense clients in State Court throughout Florida and Federal Court nationwide on a case-by-case basis.

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Criminal Defense is a branch of law which often gets the wrong impression. Haute Lawyer Chad Piotrowski is here to dispel the rumors.

FALSE: Criminal Defense Lawyers only represent guilty people.


Mr. Piotrowski has a 17-year-long career that proves this is not the case. Mr. Piotrowski, as have countless amounts of criminal defense attorneys, has represented plenty of innocent people. The fact of the matter is that criminal defense lawyers are a crucial part of the American Justice System. Just because their clients have been accused of more significant crimes than those of which you would find in other aspects of law, it does not mean they are guilty of said crime, nor does it mean they are not deserving of fair and competent legal counsel.

“There is a saying in the criminal justice system,” says Piotrowski. “It’s better to let 10 guilty men go rather than let one innocent person suffer. When that one innocent person comes my way, it makes my job worth it.”

Can a lawyer defend someone they know is guilty?


“Of course they can,” answers Piotrowski. “I have to zealously represent every client that comes my way and sometimes those clients are guilty. That said, in my line of work, everyone is presumed innocent until a jury comes back and says that they’re guilty. So, whether I think they’re guilty or they believe they’re guilty, they are presumed innocent and it’s my job to protect their rights.”

“Sometimes, we can enter a plea of guilty and that comes with its own consequences, but I need to make sure that the process is fair along the way, that their rights are protected, that they’re not railroaded and that they get the best possible deal they can.”

Piotrowski goes on to explain that each case is not merely about the person who he is representing that might be guilty. It’s for the next person who comes his way that is actually innocent. “If I don’t protect the rights of the guilty person, then how are the rights of the innocent person going to be protected? I need to protect everyone’s rights, and that’s my job as a criminal defense lawyer.”

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