Tiger Woods’ Speeding Is Cause Of His Recent Car Crash

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Recently new data has been released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department regarding the February 23 crash by Tiger Woods. The solo crash saw Woods hit the median, a Rolling Hills sign, and the curb before hitting a tree 71 ft. off the road. The crash took place at around 7 AM and was on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, where many others have crashed as well. 

“The impact of the vehicle when it hit the tree caused it to go airborne and do a somewhat pirouette and land on its side,” said James C. Powers, captain of the Lomita sheriff’s station.

The police recently released new information saying that after investigating the situation, Woods’ driving over the speed limit caused the crash. They learned he was going over 80 mph at the time of impact, on a 45 mph road, by utilizing the equipment in the borrowed Hyundai Genesis SUV that Woods had been driving. There was also no evidence that Tiger hit the brakes at any time throughout the crash, with the cops speculating that he accidentally hit the accelerator instead. 

Tiger Woods will not be charged with reckless driving or speeding as Powers states that the data from the SUV alone is not enough evidence and that an officer must have witnessed the incident. The Sheriffs also reject the idea that any drug or alcohol was involved with the crash. 

“There was no evidence of any impairment. There was no odor of alcohol. There are no open containers in the vehicle and no narcotics or any evidence of medication in the vehicle or on his person,” Powers said.

Tiger Woods sustained multiple injuries in his ankles and legs and is currently in Florida recovering from many surgeries. He has told officers that he has no recollection of what happened.