Attorney Brian Levin Wins Over 500k In Arbitration Award


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Editor’s note: Haute Lawyer, Brian Levin, is the managing partner of Levin Law, P.A., and has both a domestic and international practice, primarily representing individual investors, institutional investors, family offices, and others in claims for investment-related wrongdoing against brokerage firms, private banks, investment advisors, commodities firms, hedge funds, and others. He also represents financial-industry professionals, including financial advisors, private bankers, hedge-fund employees, professional traders, and others in employment-related and trading claims against financial institutions.

Attorney Brian Levin, managing partner of Levin Law, P.A., has recently obtained a $500,000 arbitration award in a case against Arete Wealth Management for its negligent approval and sale of a GPB Capital Fund to Michigan-based investors. Levin Law had been investigating and suing brokerage firms for clients who invested in GPB Capital Funds for over two years over allegations of securities fraud and misconduct.

Attorney Brian Levin sued  Arete Wealth Management in a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Dispute Resolution Services (“FINRA”) arbitration for his clients. He successfully argued that a broker-dealer who sold shares of GPB Capital Holdings was liable for over $500,000, including compensatory damages, interest, and attorneys’ fees.

GPB Capital has been accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of being involved in a Ponzi-like scheme, falsifying financial statements, misleading investors, and covering up other illicit activities.

If you were recommended or sold GPB Capital Holdings Fund private placements such as GPB Automotive Portfolio, LP, GPB Capital I, LP, GPB Capital II, LP, or Armada Waste Management, contact Levin Law immediately at (855) 865-4247 or via email at

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