Grossman Dermatology Introduces Eon, The New Non-Invasive Laser Body Sculpting Treatment

Dr. Karyn Grossman is an internationally renowned, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist with a well-known celebrity following. Trained at Harvard Medical School, she’s considered a key opinion leader in all fields of esthetics and often works on its frontlines to help develop new technologies, fillers, and devices.

Haute Beauty expert Dr. Karyn Grossman along with Grossman Dermatology is thrilled to announce that they are the first practice in Los Angeles to offer Eon, the latest addition to their arsenal of non-invasive body contouring technology.

EonPhoto Credit: Thomas Fiala, MDWhat is Eon?

Eon is a non-surgical laser body sculpting treatment. The exciting smart sensor technology is completely touchless. It scans the body to create a customized treatment plan then delivers focused laser energy from a robotic arm. A 1064nm wavelength laser delivers thermal energy heats and permanently destroys fat cells below the skin’s surface without heating the skin. After the treatment, the body’s lymphatic system will flush out the destroyed fat cells over the course of the next 3-6 months.

How does Eon compare to other non-invasive fat reduction technologies?

Eon is unique because it can reach a higher temperature in targeted fat cells than any other device on the market. The higher temperature ensures that more fat cells are eliminated in one treatment.

EonPhoto Credit: Thomas Fiala, MDWhat happens during an Eon treatment?

Eon treatments are quick and easy! Additionally, they do not require any gels, applicators, or numbing. The patient will simply put on protective glasses on the eyes, then lay down. A robotic arm will use smart sensor technology to scan the area of concern and calculate the most effective treatment pattern. Fat distribution varies among individuals so a customized approach optimizes results.

How long is an Eon treatment?

Treatment time can range from 20 minutes for a small area or up to 60 minutes for the entire abdomen.

EonPhoto Credit: Thomas Fiala, MDHow many treatments will I need?

In clinical trials, participants showed a substantial reduction of fat in the treated areas after only one treatment. However, the total number of treatments may vary depending on the aesthetic goals of the patient.

Is there any downtime after Eon treatment?

Due to the fact that Eon does not require any anesthesia, incisions, cannulas, saline solutions, or medication, there is no downtime! You will be able to return to your regular activities immediately following your procedure.

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