Internal Whitening Is A Simple And Conservative Teeth Whitening Solution

teeth whitening Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Dr. Rhonda Kalasho is a graduate from the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry, which has been ranked as the #1 Dental School in the US.  She is a board-certified Dentist who is highly regarded for her aesthetic workmanship.  Haute Beauty chats with Dr. Kalasho chats with Haute Beauty to explain her Internal Whitening procedure, also known as a Walking Bleach.

HB: What is internal Bleaching?

Internal Bleaching is a wonderful treatment for a patient that may have had a root canal, or trauma to a tooth that has suddenly, or over time became darkened in color. A lot of times, it is just one tooth that is shaded darker than the rest, but can really stand out, affecting a patient's confidence in their smile. 

HB: How does Internal Bleaching work?

The procedure involves little to no anesthesia, as there is absolutely no pain involved. It uses whitening agents that are specific to this treatment and are FDA regulated and approved. The entire procedure is done through a 3-4 mm access in the back of the discolored tooth. It involves cleaning the center of the tooth, and placing a whitening medication in the tooth for one week. By the time you return, most patients, about 80% of the time have achieved their prospective results, some may need an additional week of treatment to attempt to get the shade of the tooth to a more favorable color. 

HB: Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

Only patients who have received a root canal on a tooth, and have found that over time the tooth has discolored, or patients who have necrotic, traumatized teeth, who gradually developed discoloration on the tooth are candidates. What I hear many times is, my tooth discolored after I received trauma to it, a lot of the times it was a childhood accidental trauma that has led to discoloration. Discoloration of a tooth could also be attributed to occlusal trauma, meaning you may be hitting a particular tooth too hard. Many dentists are not comfortable performing this treatment, and some have a better hand at using internal bleaching, so it is important to see someone who is a professional and expert at internal bleaching techniques. 

HB: How does this treatment compare to others of the same nature?

This treatment is incredibly conservative, and when done correctly, has no risk, and no downtime, or pain. The results are generally immediate, but tend to advance over a week. 

HB: What does recovery look like?

No downtime at all which is always a beautiful thing. Below you will see a picture of a case just completed by our office using internal bleaching. Our instagram page @dr.rhondakalasho also has incredible before and afters of patients that have truly benefited from the treatment.