Jonathan Pattinson: Reinventing Cultural Design


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jonathan Pattinson

Cultural Design Strategist Jonathan Pattinson isn’t one to settle for the status quo. Instead, he’s reinventing cultural design by pushing boundaries, shattering norms, challenging convention, and ultimately catapulting brands to new heights. His journey is marked by remarkable accomplishments and groundbreaking work, making him a future industry star and leader.

The Personal Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Global Influence

Pattinson’s story began with a Business Management and Sports Science degree, followed by working in residential children’s homes. These experiences provided him with profound insights into human behavior and motivation. His career path, weaving through media, advertising, and the Clinton Climate Initiative, further contributed to his deep understanding of business and creative industries.

Early Success and Cultural Impact

Pattinson’s career trajectory took a remarkable turn at the age of 24 when he became the Managing Director of Bottletop, an innovative charity founded by the creators of Mulberry. Under his leadership, Bottletop blossomed, renowned for its unique fundraising methods through fashion and music. His initiatives, including a British Isles tour, the B-Side club night, and the release of two albums featuring Fatboy Slim remixes, revolutionized the charity’s approach to fundraising and awareness. Pattinson’s foresight in sustainable manufacturing in 2005 marked him as a pioneer in environmental consciousness within the fashion industry.

Innovating at the Forefront of Creative Agencies

Pattinson’s career flourished at Life Integrated, a creative agency where he introduced groundbreaking innovations. He successfully brought Procter & Gamble Prestige onboard and created industry-first augmented reality in-store units for brands like HUGO BOSS and Dolce & Gabbana. Pattinson’s initiative for HUGO BOSS became P&G Prestige’s largest digital plan with 43MM unique users. It was recognized by FWA as “Website of the Day” and by Luxury Daily as a “Top 10 Video of 2011.”

Reluctantly Brave: A Testament to Innovative Consulting

 In 2012, Pattinson founded Reluctantly Brave, a London-based consultancy specializing in culture, brand, and innovation. The firm’s groundbreaking approach and leadership earned multiple awards. Reluctantly, Brave’s client roster, including giants like Kellogg’s, Starbucks, and Thomson Reuters, speaks volumes about the consultancy’s credibility across various industries.

A Champion in Sports and Sustainable Fashion 

Pattinson’s achievements extend beyond business and innovation. A multiple British Champion in Sanda (Kickboxing), he represented Great Britain at the WuShu World Games in Turkey in 2011. His involvement in sustainable fashion, particularly at the Oscars Red Carpet, further highlights his diverse talents and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Thought Leadership

Recognized as an emerging voice in his field, Pattinson is known for his ability to solve complex creative industry challenges. His approach, focusing on eliciting higher states of creativity and innovation in marketing, has made him a sought-after thought leader. Pattinson’s advice to others centers on the power of listening, curiosity, and continual self-improvement. He emphasizes working toward shared goals and learning from those around you.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Pattinson aspires to create positive change for leaders and teams in the creative industry. His journey, marked by continuous innovation, diverse accomplishments, and a unique approach to cultural design, makes him a true pioneer in his field. Jonathan Pattinson’s story is not just about individual success. It’s about the power of creativity, resilience, and the willingness to challenge conventions.

Written in partnership with S99