fäm Properties Launches Nordic Luxe Development With First AED 10 Billion Villa Project ‘The Aurora Collection’


Photo Credit: Courtesy of fäm Properties

In a striking blend of Middle Eastern luxury and Northern European design, fäm Properties unveils its Scandinavian-style luxury villas in Dubai, developed by Nordic Luxe Real Estate Development, a new company founded by Firas Al Msaddi, the CEO of fäm Properties, marking a significant milestone in diversifying the region’s architectural landscape.

Minimalist Scandinavian Design Takes Root in Dubai

fäm Properties, a key player in Dubai’s real estate sector, will introduce a wave of Nordic elegance into the city. fäm Interiors, responsible for the interior design, ensures a luxurious and high-quality aesthetic, while fäm Project Management expertly oversees the execution of these high-end developments. These newly introduced villas demonstrate Scandinavian minimalism, offering an unparalleled combination of understated style, functionality, and comfort. The design standard revolves around uncluttered lines, abundant natural light, and efficient living spaces, perfectly aligning with the needs of contemporary families. The villas emphasize form and functionality by adopting a minimalist design, creating an atmosphere of serene elegance.

Firas Al Msaddi, CEO of fäm Properties & Nordic Luxe Development, articulates his ambition on this inaugural project called “Aurora Villa Collection,” emphasizing the project’s scope and financial commitment of launching luxury villas with a total value of 10 billion Dirhams over the next five years.

“Our mission is to bring a new dimension to Dubai’s luxury living. More than mere residences, these villas represent a lifestyle, blending the tranquil Scandinavian design with Dubai’s dynamic energy.” This venture aligns with the evolving tastes in Dubai’s property market, indicating a shift towards architectural diversity and innovation.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of fäm Properties

Introducing Nordic Serenity to Dubai’s Skyline

The villas, priced between 70 million to 350 million Dirhams, cater to an exclusive market segment. Introducing these Scandinavian-style villas by fäm Properties, responsible for expertly conducting sales, is a strategic response to an untapped market segment. While Dubai’s luxury real estate sector has traditionally focused on exquisite designs, these Nordic-inspired villas cater to a growing preference for minimalist elegance, with the first two mansions set to be delivered in March this year.

But what fueled Al Msaddi’s vision was recognizing an unmet demand in Dubai’s real estate industry. Noting the lack of Nordic-style properties in the region, he saw an opportunity to introduce a novel concept in luxury living. “Identifying this gap in the market was pivotal, guiding us to craft a unique ultra-luxury collection that blends Nordic tranquility with Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle,” reflects Al Msaddi, highlighting the strategic thinking behind this innovative endeavor.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of fäm Properties

Pioneering Dubai’s Architectural Evolution

 With plans to branch into Nordic-style residential buildings, towers, and offices through Nordic Luxe, fäm Properties is investing significantly in this ambitious project.  “We aim to create homes that offer peace and warmth, a refreshing divergence from Dubai’s traditional extravagance,” Al Msaddi notes, underscoring the project’s scale and vision.

These Scandinavian-style villas in Jumeirah are a new addition to Dubai’s housing market and signify the city’s versatility and receptiveness to diverse global architectural trends. Al Msaddi remarks, “This initiative starts a new chapter in Dubai’s luxury living. We’re pioneering a future where global design philosophies and local aesthetics harmoniously intertwine.”

With this initiative, fäm Properties marks a focal moment in Dubai’s real estate history. This project expands the company’s portfolio and reimagines the concept of luxury living in one of the world’s most renowned and active cities.

Written in partnership with Anne Schulze