Yara Shahidi Is The New Face Of Dior Beauty & She Unveils The Latest Launch

Yara Shahidi has been announced as the latest global brand fashion and beauty ambassador for the iconic House of Dior. As an actress, producer, and change-maker, Shahidi embodies the essence of the Dior brand as it continues to evolve into the new generation. 

Yara Shahidi Is The New Face Of Dior BeautyPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dior

For her first major project with Dior, Shahidi joins Natalie Portman in the Forever Sisterhood campaign behind Dior Beauty’s newest launch: Dior Forever 2022 in two new patented formulas, Forever and Forever Skin Glow. The new campaign symbolizes Forever at the center of a significant movement—a real, inclusive community of men and women of every age and every skin color—where each person shares their foundation in a positive and confident idea of beauty.

Yara Shahidi Is The New Face Of Dior BeautyPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Dior

In 2007, Dior invented Dior Forever, which became the first high-coverage foundation with fusional finesse, combining long wear with skincare to give women unprecedented comfortable perfection. Over the last 15 years, millions of bottles have been sold worldwide, making Forever an icon in the industry, expressing the full quintessence of Dior savoir-faire. Now, in 2022—under the guidance of Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, Peter Philips—Dior has reinvented the legendary formula, elevating it to a new generation with longer wear and a cleaner formula. “Fifteen years feels like an eternity, and at the same time, we could almost believe that it was yesterday. Today, we are reinventing our iconic Forever foundation with a new formula at the heart of which skincare and florality play an essential role, without compromising its original qualities. On the contrary, this new generation also provides even better performance,” says Philips.

According to Philips, the new Dior Forever is a close as it gets as a second-skin with your own. To ensure that the wear was up to standards, for the first time ever, Dior issued a protocol of new tests in real-life conditions that were tested on women who live in cities and have intense lifestyles, yielding radiant results. 

If you are already a loyal fan of Dior’s Forever Foundation, the new, upgraded formula exceeds all expectations, catapulting the foundation into an entirely new realm of coverage and confidence.

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