Pur~lisse Founder Jennifer Yen’s Desktop Essentials

For Laura

It was a simple case of “form follows function” that led actress Jennifer Yen to create Pur~lisse, a skincare line inspired by her grandmother’s Chinese beauty secrets: to remain youthful, you must use blue lotus and white tea. After seeking her gran’s advice, the former “Power Rangers” star (you’re looking at Vypra), Yen paired this homegrown knowledge with advanced French skin technology, and created a formula called the Lotus Lupine 5 Complex, an age-prevention combination of powerful antioxidants, botanical plant extracts, marine plants, vitamins and peptides to keep skin healthy. Yen says that she experienced a transformation when she created Pur~lisse; not only did she rejuvenate and manage her skin, she also transformed from actress to entrepreneur with a brand motto that aptly reads “pur~ingredients, pur~performance, pur~transformation”. Without further ado, take a sneak peek at the essential items on this actress turned innovative beauty entrepreneur’s desk.

  • Laptop – My life is in here! When it is not at my desk, it travels with me everywhere I go.
  • Picture of my daughter – seeing her smile always makes me happy and instantly distresses me.
  • pur~lisse products – [and product samples] are always on my desk, as I’m constantly testing & developing new products.
  • In Chinese culture bamboo brings luck, it is strong and resilient – and it reminds me to adopt this mentality in business by having it near me when I’m working at my desk.
  • pur~lisse note cards for ideas, to do list and random thoughts.