Haute 100 Miami: Dwayne Wade and Gabriella Union Aren’t Married in the Eyes of the Law

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For those that found themselves oh-so-excited about the marital union between Haute 100 NBA superstar Dwayne Wade and Gabriella Union, you might want to scale back the enthusiasm; as far as Florida State courts are concerned, the pair hasn’t even officially tied the knot yet.

The couple’s license that was taken out six months ago when the pair was slated to wed hasn’t been returned to courts yet. This could be problematic if they want to prove they are actually married: “We know they are married from what they said on TV,” said Miami-Dade County marriage license manager Roberto Reboso, “But they still haven’t returned the license signed by the person who officiated the ceremony. So their marriage still hasn’t been recorded by the state.”

It’s highly doubtful that Wade and Union are making a political statement: “We won’t be told by the government when we are married, that is beneath our love,” or that sort of thing. So, happy couple, you might want to get that damn license back to the state.

On an actual basketball-related note, Dwayne Wade will not be playing in the All Star game this week to remain as healthy as possible for the second half of the season.
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