Q & A With Dr. Raj

Haute Living caught up with Dr. Raj, exclusive member of the Haute MD Network about what it’s like to be one of the country’s top surgeons.
  • What inspired Dr. Raj to become an orthopedic surgeon?

He love sports and was very good in baseball and basketball. He also loves medicine, so he wanted to choose a field he can use his hands as well as his mind. With these two passions, it motivated him to be a passionate and skilled surgeon

  • What is currently the hottest technique Dr. Raj is offering patients?

It would be the new knee replacement/partial knee repalcements and PRP (Plasma Rich Protein)

  • What is Dr. Raj’s favorite/most rewarding part of the job?

The best part about his job is the variety of people he meets. The most rewarding part about his job are the positive results after the people surgeries.

  • What differentiates Dr. Raj from other orthopedic surgeons?

He is very passionate and caring. He has great bedside manner and this invokes immediate confidence. He is so confident in his work that he has done cases on live television.

Dr. Bal Rajagopalan, affectionately known as “Dr. Raj,” is a Double Board Certified (American and Canadian) Orthopedic Surgeon with a passion for FITNESS AND NUTRITION. Having been in private practice for more than 10 years, Dr. Raj’s expertise spans hip, knee and joint replacements, sports injuries, arthritis pain, fractures as well as back and shoulder pain. Although he has performed more than 4,000 orthopedic surgical cases, he is a strong advocate of preventative care and providing alternate options to joint, bone or muscle pain. In addition, Dr. Raj uses newest techniques to reverse tendinitis and arthritis such as PRP and Stem Cell Injection.