TOAST of the Town

All Photography by:  KB for Kimberly Jarman Photography

A lot of wine bars pop up in busy cities, each one trying to create something new and unique, and TOAST Enoteca & Cucina has succeeded in downtown San Diego. Their goal is to make an environment of an authentic Italian eatery and wine tasting experience, and this is exactly what you can count on when you walk through their urban doors. 

The vibe inside these chic walls is that of both knowledge and taste. Boasting up to 400 of the finest wines, the presentation and execution of their exquisite goods are impeccable. Like many wine bars, you can purchase their fare by the glass or bottle, but unlike many wine bars, your tasting is dispensed by the highly advanced and impressive Enomatic machines. Dispensing around one ounce of any desired wine by the press of a shiny, fashionable button, the Enomatic machines are a reason in itself to visit this amazing establishment. 

Aside from the rare and delicious wines not easily come by in these parts, the food at TOAST is, frankly, incredible.  While you might not think to head to a wine bar for a five-star meal, TOAST makes you think twice about this presumption. With an incredible Italian menu and dishes served with traditional tastes and upscale palates in mind, even if you’re not a wine drinker, you would enjoy a meal in this special locale.  All around, this venue is much more than your typical wine bar, it’s an event in style.

All Photography by:  KB for Kimberly Jarman Photography