Top 10 Most Expensive Art Pieces to Sell at Auction

Even with the hype and huge success of Miami’s Art Basel, we learned that many artists were barely making it, as the state of this past year’s economy was not easy for artists, galleries, dealers and collectors. However, it didn’t mean there wasn’t anything at all to celebrate.

A great number of important pieces of art hit staggering heights at auction this year. Some included the names of famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, and Alberto Giacometti. Old Masters and Asia are represented as well, as they have done pretty well in getting through the art market recession.

Below, take a look at the top 10 most expensive pieces to sell at auction in 2009.

1. Raphael, chalk drawing “Head of Muse”: $47.6 million

2. Henri Matisse, “Les coucous, tapis bleu et rose”: $45.6 million

3. Andy Warhol, silkscreen painting of 200 one dollar bills: $43.8 million

4. Constantin Brancusi, “Madame L.R.”: $37.1 million

5. Rembrandt, “Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo”: $32.9 million

6. Eileen Gray (designer), Art Deco armchair: $28.1 million

7. Piet Mondrian, “Composition avec blue, rouge, jaune et noir”: $27.4 million

8. Wu Bin, Ming dynasty scroll: $25 million

9. Alberto Giacometti, “L’Homme Qui Chavire”: $19.4 million

10. Edgar Degas, “Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans”: $19.2 million

Via: Luxist