Morgan Freeman Buys SJ30 Jet

Celebrities get a taste of the good life many dream of, including owning their own jets and flying their planes. John Travolta does it. Now, one of our favorite actors, Morgan Freeman, purchased his new toy just in time for the holidays, the SJ30 private plane. Produced by Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of United Arab Emirates-based Emivest, this plane set a world speed record from London to Dubai in just 7 hours and 7 minutes, including a fuel stop in Istanbul. Way to live life in the fast lane, Morgan.

The six-seater can retain sea level cabin pressure at 41,000 ft., reducing jet lag, and can fly more than 2,800 miles nonstop at speeds of up to 630 mph. It’s price tag? Only $8 million.

Freeman flew his new toy from Los Angeles to Dubai to attend a a press conference at the Executive Flight Center at the Dubai Airport Free Zone to announce his purchase of the SJ30 from Emivest. Congrats, Mr. Freeman!

Via: Luxist