Wanted: Playboy Party Host

The impending Super Bowl XLIV extravaganza is sure to bring flocks of celebrities to the South Florida area, namely Broward and Dade counties, which serve to sandwich the Miami Dolphins’ Land Shark Stadium.  The economy is also presumably putting a damper on the festivities, which poses a far bigger threat than any Dade/Broward competition, but it’s the Super Bowl for heaven sakes! Surely a fun-loving benefactor can come in save the day?

Enter the challenge:  Can someone can step up as Hugh Hefner’s liaison and host Playboy’s annual party?  A Playboy party could be just what Miami needs to smoke the leading Fort Lauderdale competition.   Apparently, Hef doesn’t want to be involved—he simply wants to privately fly in, show up, and then fly away (you know, because it’s probably going to run past his bedtime).  I wonder how his new party-girl arm candies feel about this?  Good thing Kendra got her football fetish fulfilled with plenty-a Super Bowl shindig.

Via: The Miami Herald