The Scent of Peace: Bond No. 9

One of the most intangible luxuries of time is peace. Millions upon millions will fight and die for it and some will never even get to experience it.  Although this holiday sense you might not be able to give the gift of peace, give the scent of peace as a gift to a loved one.

Bond No. 9’s ode to peace once again is mesmerizing our senses with enticing fragrances. They called upon their blackcurrent-lily-of-the-valley-cedarwood-musk perfume-ode to peace, the Scent of Peace.

Their new limited edition Swarovski Purple Velvet Amphora Vitrine is decked out with 17,500 purple Swarovski crystals, outfitted with a golden spigot. It has a honeycomb base that holds an elliptical mirror as well.

For $3,500, Bond No. 9 will ship you a 42-ounce eau de parfum of your choice held in place by a white patent leather case.

Via: Bond No. 9