Oriental Carpet to Host Rising International Event on December 10th

Located on the San Francisco Peninsula for over thirty years,  Bruce Good of The Oriental Carpet in Menlo Park has helped discerning homeowners & designers achieve the look and feel that a truly beautiful carpet can bring to a room.

Now, the Oriental Carpet will help celebrate women and their families overcome poverty. Women all over the world from Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East will be creating exquisite crafts to show that even in the midst of poverty, violence, terror, and loss, women are persevering by creating beauty and hope with their work.

Offering an extensive collection of fine rugs and carpets, they are proud to celebrate the work of Rising International, an organization that envisions a future where hopes are realized in even the poorest parts of the world; where lives are uplifted by economic prosperity, allowing women to participate in the global economy.

On Thursday, December 10th, the Oriental Carpet on 707 Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park, CA will celebrate women and their families overcoming poverty.

Rising International’s party at The Oriental Carpet features these crafts and the women and families who make them, and bring their crafts, their history, and their stories to the store for this very special event.