One Opulent Pen

When they say the quill is mightier than the sword, they must have been referring to this opulent pen. The new eBay for the wealthy,, has been listing a diamond-studded 50ct Black Spirit pen since November 12, 2009.

This ergonomically designed jewel needs an owner with a lifestyle just as majestic as the pen in his front breast pocket or in her purse. Located in Vincenza, Italy, this one-of-a-kind piece is made from 18 karat rose gold and is set with numerous black diamonds (50 karats total) and white diamonds (8.30 karats total).

I assume avid pen collectors should be excited about this, but as of today no one has made a bid yet. I wonder why. Oh yeah, it’s USD 45, 000. No biggie for the customers who the website is directed towards in the first place. But for a pen, really? If it’s that serious, it’s available for the “purchase now” option for a lofty price of USD 60,000.

On second thought, oh, what a heavenly writing instrument! As a writer, I would love nothing more than a stunning pen to sculpt my words with. So if anyone feels the spirit of Christmas yet and is in an uber giving mood this year, feel free to send this pen my way. You have until December 12, 2009.

Via: Luxury Launches, BillionaireXchange