Ludo Bites Goes Royal

If you caught Ludo Lefebvre’s episode on Top Chef Masters, you’ll remember him as the bad-boy French chef with a lady-killing accent.  When he talked about his pop up, concept restaurant in LA, Ludo Bites, it was hard not to hear Francophiles throughout LA tapping on their keyboards to Google its then current location.  To save you a little time and effort, Monsieur Lefebvre will be at Royal/T café in Culver City for a total of thirteen days this December.

You know Royal/T as the place where the waitresses are dressed like Hello Kitty and each art exhibit comes with a heavy side of wacky, Japanese merchandise.  The exhibit accompanying Ludo Bite’s temporary menu is curator Jane Glassman’s “In Bed Together.”  A pretty specific schedule, Lefebvre likes to stick with his image that just screams, “I’ll cook where I want and when I want and there’s nothing you can do about it!” The thing is, his food is bound to be pretty delicious.  He wasn’t the chef at both Bastide and L’Orangerie for nothing.  And plenty of people have taken note, better get your reservations in now or you’ll be forced to follow his Twitter feed to find out where it pleases him to go next.