Louis Vuitton and Damien Hirst Create Twin Trunks

Someone call the Doctor! Louis Vuitton and Damien Hirst have teamed up to create two twin trunks for surgical instruments. Beautiful stainless steel surgical instruments caught his eye in Cronenburg’s flick Dead Ringers, and Damien Hirst was automatically inspired, and wanted to create a luxurious leather piece using his signature butterflies on the outside. Vuitton’s inspiration was to create an iconic secretary trunk, and later create two twin trunks with opposite frontal openings and silver hardware finishing. The result? A collaboration of epic proportions. The twin trunks have been made in black Nomade leather, with deep blue microfiber lining. Each trunk contains 10 different-sized drawers with compartments made to accommodate each individual surgical instrument, and of course, Hirst’s butterflies, and two silver skulls encrusted on the inside lids. Perhaps now it really may be possible to go into surgery in style.

Via: Luxury Launches