Lavo-From Las Vegas to NYC

Partners Mark Packer and Rich Wolf of Tao and various other ventures, along with Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss (of Marquee, Avenue) and the soon to roll out Artichoke, are set to import Lavo-their bathhouse inspired restaurant and nightclub from Las Vegas to New York City.

Lavo opened in the Palazzo Resort in 2008 as a follow-up of Tao and now in the former Au O Bar space across the street from Tao on 58th Street, they will create their latest project, Lavo, which will be designed by iCrave. The 200 seater restaurant will serve classic Italian food

Their ultimate goal is to tap into the midtown market and serve a Euro/professional crowd. The opening will  be in Spring 2010, and may be the first time a concept has ever originated in Las Vegas and then arrived into New York.

Via: Eater