How to be a Francophile in Los Angeles

You know more than the average bear about how foie gras is made, you’ve seen Breathless one hundred times, and you grit your teeth every time someone mispronounces nicoise.  A Francophile through and through, its high time you found spots in LA that can curb your cravings for that city of light across the pond.  You can’t fly to Paris every weekend, you know…

•    Every level of Francophile–from the brie-eating beginners to the experts unfazed by escargots–should know about Café Stella.  A paradise of French cuisine in Silver Lake, Café Stella offers pommes frites to rival any you’ve tried, garlicky escargots that can covert any non-believer, and a Soup a L’Oignon that will have you begging “encore, encore!”  Save room for their ridiculously luscious Pot au Chocolat.

•    Another Angeleno outpost of French wares that should be on everyone’s radar is Monsieur Marcel market at the Farmer’s Market at the Grove. With a delectable selection of all things you’d find in a Paris market, we’re just lucky they don’t also maintain French opening hours.

•    For Frenchies with an insatiable sweet tooth, there are two spots sure to satisfy.  Paulette Macarons in Beverly Hills is filled with innovative and traditional flavors of those colorful cookies you sucked down at Laduree on the Champs Elysee.  Their macarons, with a recipe by award-winning pastry chef Christophe Michalac, hit the spot when your tastebuds are craving a jaunt across the Atlantic. In Venice, Jin Patisserie’s sleek design and artful desserts are all you need to feel like you’re near the Seine as opposed to Muscle Beach.

•    No true Francophile could be caught dead in Granny panties, which is why we’re lucky that LA is outfitted with so many places to secure yourself some lacy, racy, colorful undergarments.   From the classics: Agent Provocateur, Coco de Mer (both on Melrose Ave.), and Footsie in Santa Monica to the newcomers: Sugar Lilie Dessous Prive (W. 3rd St) and Bittersweet Butterfly in Silver Lake, Los Angeles has you covered-or rather uncovered.

Via: Café Stella, Monsieur Marcel, Paulette Macarons, Jin Patisserie, Agent Provocateur, Coco de Mer, Sugar Lilie Dessous Prives, Bittersweet Butterfly