Hèrmes Continues to Score

On Friday, Hermès announced that the revenue from its stores in Europe, Asia and the United States had increased by 12 percent during the third quarter. Hermès is the world’s second largest luxury group behind Louis Vuitton, and its third quarter figures make it one of the few luxury goods companies to have seen any growth this past year.

The reason? Hermès CEO Patrick Thomas chalks it up to quality. “The more the object looks legitimate, the less it will be affected by the crisis,” he told French radio station BFM on Friday.

Hermès new tennis-inspired collection for Spring 2010 was – dare I say – a hit at Paris Fashion Week last month. However, I’m not sure I would call playing tennis in tight red mini-skirts, sheer shirts, and stiletto sandals “legitimate.” Hermès does get legitimacy points for (1) creating an over-sized white leather Birkin bag that could actually fit your racket and (2) lining the runways with real grass.

In any event, you would look pretty great watching a match wearing this collection. Let’s hope Hermes continues to give us reasons to – yup I’ll go there – love them.