Haute Guide to Holiday Cigars and Champagne

While usually a great cigar can be even better with a great whiskey, many people see the holiday season as being all about popping a few good bottles of champagne. So instead of sacrificing your beloved cigars, why not learn about some excellent pairings for cigars and champagne to keep everyone happy during the holidays?

CEO of the Beverly Hills Cigar Club, Vin Lee, has prepared a couple cigar and champagne pairings and notes, “Complementing a wonderful glass of champagne with a great cigar for the holidays is something everyone should be able to enjoy.”

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut ’02 paired with Goldwin LOUIXS Rosado
Lee suggests pairing these two as the Louis Roederer Cristal is a rich and luxurious and the LOUIXS cigar is made from rare Nicaraguan Rosado leaf which delivers two hours of smoking enjoyment. Lee says, “An evening with Cristal and LOUIXS would be a dance of smoke and bubbles that would dazzle the most demanding audience.”

Moet & Chandon Champagne Brut Rose Imperial paired with Padron Anniversary 1964 Series “A”
The infamous Moet & Chandon champagne is a holiday classic and pairs perfectly, according to Lee, with the Padron ’64 which has a hint of spice, nut, and wood flavoring. Lee calls it a “worldly pairing of titan brands.”

Bollinger Champagne Special Cuvee paired with Davidoff Zino Platinum Crown Series Rocket
Both the champagne and cigar in this matchup have intense flavors that complement one another perfectly. The Zino platinum, with its festive torpedo shape, is full of taste and pairs nicely with the rich Bollinger Special Cuvee. Lee expresses his delight by noting, “Polishing off a Bollinger with a Zino smoke is the culmination of James Bond enjoying a legendary bubbly with Europe’s finest cigar.” He adds, “All that is missing is the Aston Martin and the girl.”

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label paired with Rocky Patel Decade The Forty Six
The Veuve has a crisp, full flavor that is perfectly matched with the stylish Rocky Patel Decade to create a true evening of elegance and fun all in one.

Via: Luxist