AmanResorts to Open Amanfayun, Hangzhou

Luxury resort group Amanresorts are planning to open the new Amanfayun Resort in 2010 located on the outskirts of one of China’s seven ancient capitals, Hangzhou.

Amanfayun Resort is the newest addition to the luxurious Amanresort group’s long list of glamorous vacation destinations. Located just 100 miles south of Shanghai, the Amanfayun Resort will be just a quick twenty minute journey from the city center of Hangzhou.

The resort’s rooms used to be used as housing for tea farmers, but have been remodeled into 16 rooms, 21 suites, and 5 villas for the Amanfayun Resort. There are numerous Buddhist temples located throughout the area and the serene resort location is currently being considered as a World Heritage listing.

Staying true to the Amanresort theme of relaxation and luxurious vacationing, the Amanfayun Resort will include an Aman Spa which will feature a room dedicated to tai chi and meditation. The Resort will also include a library that will include books and DVD’s on Chinese history and culture for guests to peruse, a boutique offering local antiques, crafts and jewelry, and a Tea House that will include a menu of teas that include green tea picked from the rolling hills surrounding the resort.

Amanfayun Resort is set to open in January 2010 and it is currently listing its starting rates at $333 per night, however prices are reported to jump to $580 per night as early as May 2010.

Via: Hotel Chatter