Touring Around the Viceroy, Santa Monica

While guests may chose a hotel based on its service level, amenities, star-ratings, or even just availability, the surrounding area of a hotel can be just as crucial as all the other factors when it comes to making your visit as enjoyable as possible.
The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica is located at the epicenter of several different explore-worthy areas of Santa Monica, making it an ideal destination for a wide range of guests.

Heading out of the hotel and going west on Pico Boulevard across Ocean Avenue, guests can enjoy a quick jaunt over to the white sands of Santa Monica’s beautiful beaches. Less than two minutes away, the beach is also joined via a paved boardwalk to the Santa Monica Pier, which is known for its amusement park rides and plenty of restaurants. While it can be a tad touristy, the area is a fun-filled family hang-out in extremely close proximity to the Viceroy.

Heading east out of the Viceroy, walking a mere one block takes you to the start of Main Street, where boutique after boutique can satisfy all of your shopping, or browsing, needs. The street includes shops such as, American Apparel, the all-natural hemp clothing store Natural High Lifestyle, and the Californian-chic store Planet Blue. Main Street also has plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and bars, so you’ll never be too far away from a soothing glass of wine or a relaxing sunset meal.

Just one block north of the Viceroy is La Cachette Bistro, located on Ocean Avenue. This is a perfect lunchtime spot for those who appreciate a delicious upscale French meal in a low-key setting. The restaurant is on the way to the Third Street Promenade which is an outdoor shopping mall with your typical shopping mall stores, such as Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Anthropologie.

The multiple options guests of the Viceroy have in regards to what to see in the area make the hotel a prime spot to be, both inside and out.

Via: Hotel Chatter