Baccarat Creates Napoleon-Inspired Decanter for Rare Cognac

French crystal house Baccarat is paying an haute tribute to the nation’s noble icon Napoleon by creating an exclusive decanter for L’Essence de Courvoisier, one of the finest cognacs to date.

The beautiful crystal decanter was inspired by Napoleon’s personal signet rings, which he presented army commanders to acknowledge noble acts of service. The contents of this decanter are equally commendable, as the rare cognac exudes the fragrances of sandalwood, cigar leaves, toffee, marzipan, honey, mountain flowers, and delicate spices. There are additional notes of licorice, dried plum, and apricot to sweeten the final moments of every sip.

Incorporating the fine French crystal and extremely exceptional cognac doesn’t come cheap – it is currently being sold at multiple locations, including London’s infamous luxury store, Harrods’s.

Via: Luxury Launches