The Newly Redesigned Bombardier Challenger 605

The Bombardier Challenger business jet family has an upgraded addition in its ranks, the newly redesigned Challenger 605. Asia Jet, based at Hong Kong’s Chep Lap Kok International Airport, partnered up with Bombardier Aerospace to provide the business jet industry an exclusive option when comes to corporate travel. The operating partner, Metrojet, will be operating and maintaining the jet.

This midsize jet is an improved version of the 604 designs, and includes a new avionics suite, more cabin room for greater relaxation, and larger windows to provide more interior light and a better line of sight for passengers. The 605 can be identified by a rounded tailcone, as opposed to the flush one of the 604.

Designed to increase productivity, performance, and comfort for nine to 12 passengers, the new cabin design features a more spacious galley, full Internet connectivity, an improved cockpit for easier operation, and a more ergonomic lavatory. It’s technologically equipped with cutting-edge cabin entertainment system, including XM Radio, DIRECTV, and SecuraPlane Intrusion Detection System.

Justin Lee Firestone, founder and CEO of Asia Jet, said: “This remarkable business jet aircraft, with its impressive performance and large-cabin comfort features, will allow our Asia Jet Cardmembers to experience how effectively and efficiently the Challenger 605 can serve the requirements of this region.”

Rivaling other super-midsize jets, the Challenger 605 boasts twin, low-emission GE CF34-3B engines that makes this airliner ideally quiet to take a long nap or get some work done while en route to its destination. Also, its time-tested airframe and lightweight design contribute to its low operating costs and maintainability.

Via Luxury Insider