The Best First Class Lounges

In a typical year of any haute living life, endless hours of air travel occupy schedules and therefore, maintaining a certain level of luxury during trips is essential. Certain first class lounges appear to be willing to take on this responsibility by making sure your lifestyle expectations doesn’t get left outside the airport doors.

While private jets surely are the most efficient and deluxe way for Haute Living readers to travel the skies, it has been estimated that in regards to commercial flights, first class travelers make up approximately 3% of the 460 million people taking international flights each year, with 11.3%  business class individuals and  85.5% in coach. While skipping security lines and having the privacy of your own plane is nice, not to mention the narrowing gap in price difference between private and commercial trips, it is also being reported that since many commercial airlines are merging their business and first classes together, the overall demand for first and business class travel is increasingly significantly, specifically in China, India, and the Middle East.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to be aware of what exactly is being offered for these first and business class travelers in terms of airport lounging, surely a key component to keeping high-net worth individuals flying commercial.

If you happen to be at the Bangkok International Airport and you are flying first or business class on Thai Airways, prepare for some special treatment. Not only will you be picked up by electric cart and taken to the Royal First Lounge, but you’ll also be attended to by two hostesses, have access to a private room with large HD televisions, and be among the last to board after being returned to the gate by electric car before being escorted to your seat on the plane.
Down under in Sydney International Airport, flying first or business class on Qantas Airways will also ensure an extremely comfortable wait prior to boarding. Attentive and anticipatory staff members go out of their way to ensure any need is met with speed and accuracy. Also in this lounge, a top-tier restaurant, a day spa and Wi-Fi capabilities to make sure you’re always connected to the rest of the world, no matter where you are.

Perhaps one of the sleekest lounges around is the Cathay Pacific’s lounge in the Hong Kong International Airport. With showers located in your private space and even a larger “rainforest” shower, this extremely well maintained lounge is more like a stylish spa than a place to wait for your flight.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Lufthansa lounge located at the Frankfurt Airport. Having been to this lounge personally, I can vouch for the fact that it is quite the arrangement. With exclusive access granted only to premium passengers from intercontinental flights and elite members of Lufthansa’s Frequent Flyer program, the lounge is fitted with luxurious showers, heated floors, multiple computer stations, numerous televisions, grooming supplies available upon request and because we all need to look our best during our travels, the Lufthansa lounge will even press your clothes for you, should you inquire.

Via: HalogenLife