Easy Overnight

Business takes you around the globe, and it is a requirement that you arrive at your destination looking like the powerful man you are. Hèrmes makes this a bit easier. The Object Voyageur Nocturne Indispensible, which roughly translates to “indispensible object for the night traveler” and is typically referred to as the OVNI, is an attaché case designed to hold all of the necessities for overnight travel in a classic carry-on. The left side holds a pressed button-down shirt, while the right is sized for a tie, grooming kit, cufflinks, and whatever else may be deemed necessary for a quick jaunt to close the deal. The OVNI slips easily into Hèrmes’ Sac à dépêches 38, a perfect briefcase for important business meetings. Available in three color schemes in box or Trekking cowhide, the OVNI is priced at $4,425, while the Sac à dépêches 38 runs for $6,600.