Resolution No.1: Travel the World


If you’ve been regretting a lack of adventure in your life, celebrate the New Year with a vacation, but not just any vacation. Think exotic. Think Romanic. Think Paris. Solution? Momma Shelter. This hotel was designed, as the name implies, to welcome guests, both natives and visitors, to enjoy the cosmopolitan and urban sides of Paris. The Trigano family, best known for their creation of Club Med, is proud of their latest hotel venture, which they believe will become the vanguard for a new type of boutique hotel. Renowned French architect, Castro, is known for his efforts to seamlessly blend political and social views through his work. His revolutionary design philosophy is to create with a paramount focus on the surrounding landscape as opposed to the actual structure itself, and Momma Shelter exemplifies his craft. The interior, designed by Philippe Starck, perfectly complements Castro’s vision, and the result is refreshingly innovative and chic. With its prime location in the center of Paris, Momma Shelter encourages all of its guests to experience the true romance of the city.